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Matt's audio 2 1/2 minutes

Dean (Australia) 6 1/2 minutes
Monica, 42 seconds
Brent from Portland, OR 11 1/2 minutes
Shawn 1 1/2 minutes
Howard 42 seconds
Deborah, 9 1/2 minutes
Joyce 8 1/2 minutes
Terri -Portland, Oregon 2 1/2 minutes
Sue 1 minute
Sally Morris 3 1/2 minutes

How to Fight MRSA... and Win!


Please take the time to hear me out and I promise not to waste your time. I'm an ordinary guy and not a doctor so I have to be careful about giving medical advice but I sure can show you how and why this bacteria affects us and most importantly what you can do about it STARTING TODAY!


I have made all of these videos out of a desire to help you and get the word out. There is no reason for all of this suffering and making all of these videos wasn't easy. It took a lot of effort on my part, so if each video isn't perfect please don't hold it against me because I'm not perfect either :-)


I'll make you a deal... Just start with the first video by clicking here. There is no cost and no tricks and in that video I'll tell you what Staph feeds on, What happens when it gets into you blood and what is the plan for turning things around. All of the videos to follow are in logical order so if you can go one at a time it will be easier to understand. Thank you for this chance to serve you.




Play the first video by clicking here.